Started from Kyoto


Japanese green tea leaves (Nihon Cha) were brought to Japan as a medicine during the Heian period (710-1185).
Monks at Zen temple at Kyoto raised green tea leaves as a medicine with intense care.

Our tea fermentation laboratory is in Kyoto and located in a 100 year-old Japanese house,
situated next to Ryoan-ji temple, a world heritage in Kyoto.

Tea leaves used for Chakouso are being raised without agricultural chemicals.
They are raised in our own green tea plantation at Uji, Kyoto, and several other partner plantations in Japan.
We are raising our own green tea leaves by feeling the dynamic energy flow of the universe where humans and plants are meant to coexist peacefully.


Our Story

Japanese green tea together with Japanese time honored culture of Chano-yu (tea ceremony),
have been refined and improved over one thousands of years to acquire the best taste.

To preserve our time honored culture for next century, we Chakousohonpo are researching the best way to raise
green tea to protect the quality of soil as same level as one thousand years ago.

We specialize in using Japanese unique fermentation process,
and we produce Chakouso which is a pure product of Japanese green tea leaves,
and Japanese herbs at historical brewery which has been running since Edo era.


Story of Chakouso

Best way to enjoy Chakouso

The drink with a terroir of Japan is born. Enjoy it straight out of the bottle, or by wine glass like non-alcohol wine,
either way you will be surprised by the aroma of fruits.

At first, you will feel the aroma of apricot and citrus followed by a sweet and
fresh grapefruits taste accompanied by pleasant taste/aroma of Japanese green tea.

After 6 months of brewing, “CHAKOUSO” will be transformed into golden color with rich and dense aroma of honey and cherry.
We hope you will enjoy this transition of color and aroma in this unique drink as an aperitif to your healthy life.

Material of Chakouso

<Nature Spring>
60% of the human body is composed of water. Using pure, clean and high-quality of water is essential.
We use natural spring from Hira mountain range, Shiga prefecture.

<Japanese herb of natural cultivation>
Naturally cultivated plants will never become toxic, but will be fermented / decomposed safely.
We strive to select the freshest Japanese herbs in accordance with how Mother Nature selects them.

<Classical Music for brewing>
While brewing, classical music by ancient instruments are playing through tube amplifier stereo system,
so Floras can grow peacefully by listening to the comfortable music.

Japanese herb

In Japan, which has four distinct seasons, unique Japanese herbs have evolved that can only be found and harvested naturally in Japan.

In the Japanese historical poetry text of 7th to 8th century known as “Manyo-shu”,
there are over 160 different kinds of plants that mentioned in each single poetries.

Plants appeared on Earth 500 million years before humans,
and evolved rapidly in order to successfully proliferate in many different environments.

Having “CHAKOUSO” which is well harmonized with nature will awaken your senses and sharpen your perception of nature,
which has been ingrained in the depths of the human spirits and heart since ancient times.

Brewing Japanese green tea

Ancient Japanese perspective on nature has been putting significance in living things including microorganisms.
Wine, which is loved by the entire world also attracts people with its aroma also created by microorganisms.

Likewise, Chakouso succeeded in creating oriental taste and aroma with a power of microorganisms.

Fully matured Kombucha

We hope you enjoy the new taste of Japan, Chakouso.


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